Starting a Business


You’re going to buy or start a business.  Congratulations!  This an exciting and potentially promising endevour.  Its critical, however, you obtain advice from a seasoned Chartered Accountant with experience in this area about each step you’ll take along this path.


Most private companies are owned by people with little to no business  education.  That’s were we get involved – We are experts in business, tax and accounting.  We advise our clients, prior to, during and after the acquisition or starting of a business.


The following is a list of services we offer for new businesses:


  • Determine if the business is feasible
  • Perform due diligence (investigatory work) to identify potential issues/risks and opportunities
  • Confirm information being used is appropriate
  • Assist in preparation of agreements
  • Assist in review of proposed agreements
  • Consult on structure of transaction (purchase shares vs. assets, etc.) and pros and cons of each
  • Consult on structure of business
  • Tax planning to ensure income taxes minimized
  • Assistance in obtaining financing, if required
  • Assist in execution of transaction
  • Consult subsequent to transaction on an as needed basis

When you’re ready, contact us for more information.