Chartered Accountants are artists not simply scientists. What each CA does will be different from another CA in most circumstances. Typically, the more you pay, the more benefit will accrue to you.  Your objective should be to ensure that the benefits your receive do not exceed the fees you pay.

As such you cannot look at fees in isolation.  Fees must be viewed together with the benefit or value that you receive.  As an example, if we can save you $25,000 in taxes and your fees are $4,000 – well then, your money was well spent as you are ahead by $21,000.   You may find that another accountant will do the work for $3,000 but you will not save the $25,000 in taxes, so your real cost would be the lost taxes you could have otherwise saved plus the fees, aggregating to a total cost of $28,000 .  Given this reality, we caution those who shop accountants by fees.

We pride ourselves on providing over the top value to our clients for a fee that is fair in the circumstances.

Overall, where possible we provide fee quotes for our clients.  Otherwise, our standard hourly rates will apply.  Our hourly rates range from $125 per hour to $425 per hour, depending on the staff member working on your engagement.  Specialists we associate with have their own hourly rates which vary depending on specialty.  Should you require the services of one of our specialists, we will inform you of their hourly rates and expected fees (where possible) before any work is conducted.

We accept MasterCard, Visa and Cheque.

Fee Payments Over Time

In certain circumstances, we allow our clients to pay our fees over 3 to 18 months, depending on the size of the engagement.

If a payment plan is what you need, please let us know.