Estate and Inheritance Accountants and Advisors

We, as professional accountants (CPA, CA’s) help people with inheritance/estate tax matters in Canada.  When an individual dies, a series of income tax laws are triggered.  It is well advised that you engage the services of competent, experienced and qualified professional accountants to assist you in dealing with such tax laws as they often have a significant impact on both the Estate and the Executor.

We will become the Estate’s Representatives with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and prepare all documents and filings required for same.  We will ensure the Estate pays the minimum amount of tax in discharging our duties.   If you are an Executor or Executrix of a deceased individual or their lawyer/legal counsel, we can help you deal with all tax matters related to the Estate you are charged with administering. Please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

If you are drafting a Will and require an trusted professional accountant (CPA, CA) to act as your Executor subsequent to your passing, we can be appointed as the Executor of your Will.  In such circumstances, we will discharge your Will as you had intended and ensure your tax obligations are handled prudently and effectively.  If you are considering having us act as your Executor, you will need to obtain our written approval before naming us as your Executor in your Will.  Contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

If you are a business owner and are trying to plan for succession, we, as professional accountants (CPA, CA’s) can effectively assist you in preparing a business succession plan that will assist in meeting your objectives.  Contact us to discuss your specific circumstances.

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