Immigration and Emigration Tax


Canada has very complex taxation laws and such laws are aggressively enforced by the Canada Revenue Agency.  Often the enforcement of the tax laws occur many years after an individual has arrived or left Canada.

For example, an individual arrives in Canada, is not aware of the laws governing taxation in Canada, proceeds to file an income tax return with zero income and then does the same thing 5 years in a row.  After 5 years the individual receives a letter from Canada’s taxation officers requesting payment of thousands of dollars of tax plus penalties and interest.  The individual is surprised and is now in a very difficult position with the government authorities.

There can be significant tax implications to entering Canada or upon departure from Canada.  Often most people coming to Canada are not aware of the tax implications of entering Canada and discover after the fact how Canada’s tax laws effect their financial circumstances.

On the other end of the pendulum, there are many who leave Canada and are not aware that leaving Canada may  impose significant tax laws on the individual.

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