Canada Revenue Agency Audits

 The Canada Revenue Agency (hereafter “the CRA”) is the agency of the Federal government of Canada that enforces the laws pertaining to income tax, GST and payroll.
The CRA does not legislate (or create laws), rather they simply enforce the laws.
We have a history of having CRA auditors cooperate with us so that our clients are protected and left at ease.
If you or your company has been selected for an audit or review, we can help you in the following ways:

  • We become your authorized representatives and deal with the CRA directly (the CRA will not contact you)
  • If the CRA requires to review records or other information, they will do so in our offices
  • If the CRA requires a response letter, we will prepare such a response
  • Assemble and preparing documentation requested by the CRA
  • Negotiate settlements with the CRA on your behalf
  • Negotiate payment plans with the CRA (if required)

You will benefit in the following ways:

  • The CRA officers will not be able to push you around as they will be dealing with us not you
  • We are experts in dealing with CRA officers and we’re Chartered Accountants – CRA is willing to listen
  • We reach workable solutions on your behalf with the CRA
  • You sleep at night knowing the CRA won’t be bothering you

Please contact us with questions.