Acting as Your Executor

When you are drafting your will, you are required to identify an executor.  An Executor is a person or institution appointed by you in your will to carry out the terms of your will.  We urge you to speak to your legal advisors for information on what an Executor’s legal responsibilities are.

Many people have trouble identifying an individual to carry out their will with competence, objectivity and with integrity.  Such people turn to our firm for help.  With our written approval we will act as the executor of your will.  In such cases, our primary responsibility is to  ensure your will is carried out according to your intentions.

In carrying out your will, we will ensure your estate pays the minimum amount of income tax under the law.  As seasoned Chartered Accountants, you can be certain we will carry out your will credibly and with competence.  Chartered Accountants are often the best executors as they have undergone extensive education, are the premier accountants in Canada and are held to a very high Code of Ethics and Conduct by the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.