Doctors of Optometry

We provide high quality customized consulting, accounting and tax services for Doctors of Optometry to suit their professional and personal objectives.  As a professional you know the value of proper professional services.  We know the challenges and nuances facing your profession and have the expertise and qualifications to serve you with effectiveness.

We provide the following services to physicians:

  • Incorporation  (ensuring proper tax planning and maintaining the Rules of the College of Optometrists of British Columbia)
  • Tax planning services to ensure your overall income tax is minimized
  • Assistance in negotiating and drafting of agreements (in conjunction with your lawyer)
  • Assistance in setting up partnerships or other shared arrangements
  • Consultation services respecting all financial and taxation matters pertaining to your particular circumstances
  • Resolution of disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Voluntary Disclosure Applications
  • Assistance in obtaining financing (mortgages, etc.)

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.